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01 - about me

amy kopchynski

Maricopa Realtor

First and foremost I am the mother of an amazing little girl who I love to be with every minute I possibly can. My passion and desire to be the best I can be every day comes from knowing I am one of the biggest influences in her life. When it comes to Real Estate and Homes, I love finding people their perfect home and helping them create their perfect idea of a home. I have a degree in interior design which is very beneficial to my clients. If you are ready to sell your home I will help stage and present your home that will appeal to most people and get it sold quickly. Sometimes the smallest touches make a world of difference, let me help you get your home ready to sell to its new family.

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02 - Maricopa homes for sale

maricopa communities

Rancho El Dorado

Rancho El Dorado is one of Maricopa's first communities, home to the Duke golf course and much more to offer. Houses in Rancho start around $180K.

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Rancho El Dorado
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The villages

The Villages offers its residents many different amenities like a community pool and more. Houses in the Villages start around $210K

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Cobblestone farms

Cobblestone Farms is a very family friendly community with lots to offer for activities: Parks, sports field, etc. Houses in Cobblestone start around $250K.

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cobblestone farms
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Homestead is a growing community in Maricopa, AZ. It has so much to offer for all. From sports fields, to lakes and even walking trails. Houses in Homestead start around $215K.

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the lakes

The Lakes at Rancho El Dorado has the most opportunities for lake front property. With lots still available houses start around $180K and closer to $350K for lake front.

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Senita has some of the larger houses available in Maricopa, with beautiful open spaces and large square footage. Houses in Senita start around $195K.

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rancho mirage

Rancho Mirage is further into Maricopa away from the faster pace front part. This little oasis is growing everyday with houses starting around $200K.

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Tortosa is deeper into Maricopa and has fun amenities like disc golf courses. Houses in Tortosa start around $200K.

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palo brea

Palo Brea is a much newer community to Maricopa. It is home to the Richmond American Homes with the RV Garages. House in Palo Brea start around $275K.

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Sorrento is deeper into Maricopa and has beautiful houses of all sizes. This community has so much space to grow and it is daily. Houses in Sorrento start around $220K.

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Alterra is just over the brand new overpass that Maricopa put in. It is a beautiful community close to AkChin. Houses in Alterra start around $230K.

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maricopa meadows

Maricopa Meadows has so many amenities to offer its residents from waterfalls, to disc golf course and so much more. Houses in Amricopa Meadows start around $190K.

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Maricopa Meadows
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glennwilde groves

Glennwilde Groves a gorgeous community surrounded with parks,sports fields and schools. Houses in Glennwilde start around $200K.

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Glennwilde Groves
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desert passage

Desert Passage is a beautiful community close to Central Arizona College Maricopa Campus. Houses in Desert Passage start around $190K.

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Desert passage
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desert cedars

Desert Cedars is a hidden gem of Maricopa. A little community of its own in the heart of Maricopa. Houses start around $180K.

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acacia crossings

Acacia is a semi hidden gem in Maricopa with beautiful houses and quiet space behind Bashas and Quicktrip. Houses in Acacia start around $155K.

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acacia crossings
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03 - lets meet up for some coffee

buying or selling

It doesn't matter if your buying or selling, having a local specialist is one of the smartest things you can do because we know all the ins and outs of the Maricopa housing market. Whether you use myself or one of the other awesome local realtors out here you will be in good hands. Let this Maricopa gal know if you have any questions, want to grab a drink or need any help in your future endeavor.

Also as an offering please download my "Get Your Home Ready For Sale In 30 Days" PDF, it will give you a step by step task list to ensure you are ready to go in 30 days.

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04 - what people are saying

customer testimonials

Amy is a truly one of the best realtors I have worked with, we decided to retire and was looking for our final home so we were looking for very specific items and was very picky. She was very patient in the process and we found the our perfect home, thank you again Amy.

Bev T. 10/2019

We were searching for a home in Maricopa and ran across Amy with Sienna Home Group and it was the best thing that happened to us, she was so friendly and patient with us and our needs for the home we were looking for. At the end of the day we found a beautiful home and couldn't be happier, thank you Amy and all your hard work.

Samantha H. 11/2019

she was very professional, knowledgeable and took time out of her busy schedule to answer our questions.  Always available

Fred 12/2019

Amy was absolutely amazing with the sale of our house, we had her as our agent when selling our house and she went above and beyond with service and she got our house sold in 2 weeks which was awesome

Cody G. 01/2020

amy kopchynski

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