Homestead in Maricopa AZ

Homestead is a growing subdivision in Maricopa. AZ. There are new homes being built with all styles of houses and with larger lots. This community has a lot to offer like playgrounds, sports fields, a lake to enjoy and a community area. Homestead is located of Honeycutt and Porter all the way down to White and Parker. It is close to a fire station and Pacana Park. Being off the main road of the 347 this community may be a little bit quieter, but with the way Maricopa is growing and Honeycutt being a more prominent street that may not last long.

This is a very family oriented community! It has something for all types of families. You can find a volleyball court, basketball courts, baseball/softball field and a soccer field for the more sports driven families. Playgrounds for families with younger children. There is a beautiful lake and walking trails throughout for relaxing and finding time for pets. There is truly something for everyone when it comes to living in Homestead.

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$283 - $524K

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110 DAYS

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Gym in The Villages in Maricopa AZ


Throughout Homestead you can find five large playgrounds with a few small tot lots scattered throughout as well. These playgrounds come in all different looks as the community grows so do the playgrounds. The playgrounds are open to Homestead residents only.

Maricopa, AZ Basketball Courts

Basketball courts

There are a total of five pastel ball courts. In two areas you can find the courts set up like the one in the photo where there are two courts criss crossed and the last court can be found in the gated portion or Homestead.

Community pool in Maricopa AZ

Picnic Areas

Everywhere there is a playground you can find a picnic area. There actually is a total of 8 picnic armadas scattered throughout all of homestead. They are equipped with a picnic table and BBQ's for family and friends to enjoy.

Lap Pool in Maricopa

Soccer Field

Near the lake you can find the soccer field that Homestead is home to. This is a full size soccer field. It is not lighted so the field can be enjoyed during the daylight hours only.

The Villages at Rancho El Dorado in Maricopa AZ


Across from the soccer field you can find two grassed volleyball areas. These areas are also not lighted so you can enjoy volleyball during the daylight hours!

The Villages Playground

Lake and Walking Trails

The playground within the rec center is the biggest out of all the playgrounds in the community and it has a little toddler area as well as the bigger kids playground. This playground not only offers a park but also has a splash pad during the summer months and picnic/BBQ areas for the residents to enjoy. The playground is accessible during the rec center hours which is 4:30am -10:00pm. There are a total of 10 playgrounds throughout the Villages.

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Homestead has something for everyone. There are over 2300 homes in this neighborhood and it still growing. The new builds being built have the extra large plots for larger backyards and more options in Maricopa, AZ.  

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popular faq for Homestead

Does Homestead have a pool?

Unfortunately, no but you can find volleyball, basketball, softball, soccer and so much more throughout.

What is Homestead's HOA fee?

Homestead has an HOA fee of $108.00 Monthly

Where is Homestead located?

Homestead is located between Smith Enke and Honeycutt and Porter and White and Parker.

Is Homestead a family friendly community?

YES, this is one of the more family oriented communities in Maricopa, AZ.

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