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Senita is located on the 347 and Honeycutt, where the new overpass was recently finished. Senita technically has three divisions: Senita 1, Senita 2 and Senita 3. The first two are directly across from Butterfield Elementary School. When you turn off of Honeycutt onto Maricopa Groves Parkway the Senita to your right is Senita 1 and to the left is Senita 2. Senita 3 is located across the wash when you turn right on to Santa Rosa Parkway.

The houses in Senita are absolutely gorgeous and on the larger side. If you want a bigger square footage with more open space Senita is perfect for you. Senita offers green belts along the main streets, easily accessible to everyone. There are four playgrounds, two basketball courts and a total of 13 greenbelt areas. These communities equal out to roughly two miles up and down their main streets. Senita is about a three minute drive to Walmart and with the new overpass getting to both sides of Maricopa is a breeze now.
Senita is the community my family and I live in and we love our house.

The community does not have a ll the bells and whistles like some of the other ones but it is quiet and in the middle of Maricopa so everything you need feels like it is only five minutes away. The houses in Senita are al Dr Horton houses or Pulte both awesome builders with beautiful floor plans. Senita is the community that offers big, beautiful houses for great prices.

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Senita Parks and Green belts

Throughout Senita there is 4 covered playgrounds and a total of 13 green belt areas. The playgrounds are equipped with slides, monkey bars and jungle gyms. Typically a greenbelt is connected to the playgrounds and there is seating for parents to relax. The greenbelts are nice for playing catch with your child, pet or friends.

Maricopa, AZ Basketball Courts

Basketball courts

Senita has two courts between the 3 divisions. There is one court for Senita 1 and 2 and one for Senita 3. The courts in Senita are half courts for both. They are located on the main streets and in the middle of both sides of the community for easy access for all the residents.

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Senita Community in Maricopa has three divisions. Senita 1 and 2 are directly across the street from Butterfield elementary and then Senita 3 is off of Honeycutt after the wash. Both sides of Senita offer basketball courts and green belts with playgrounds. There are roughly 1300 house between all three divisions.

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popular faq for Senita

What is the average home price in Senita?

The average home price right now in Senita is $361,000.00

What is Senita's HOA fee?

Senita's HOA fee of $174.00 Quartley

Are there any community pools in the Senita?

Unfortunately, No! But there are a lot of houses for sale with pools or backyards that could easily fit a pool

Is the Senita a family friendly community?

YES, Senita is family friendly. The neighborhood is off the main road so the communities are a lot quieter with lots of parks and green belt areas for family fun.

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