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Buying a house no mater if it is your first time or 7th time is the biggest decision of your life. It affects you financially, emotionally and physically. But buying a house is also one of the most fun experience... if you have the right people surrounding you.

Trust me I know the roller coaster of buying a house. Helping people feel comfortable, informed, apart of the process and calm is a passion of mine. I know I can be a slightly emotional person and when I bought my first house it was crazy the stress, emotions and things to think about. I was lucky to have a great agent with me the entire way. I love to instill on everyone I meet a sense of safety and I want them to know they can trust me with everything.

Maricopa is a great place to buy a house. There are people from all walks of life which makes everyday in Maricopa, AZ a unique and fun day. The overall feel of Maricopa is very laid back and family friendly. Living in Maricopa is like living in the city with a small town feel. It is an awesome place to live and build your life in.

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She was very professional, knowledgeable and took time out of her busy schedule to answer our questions.  Always available
Fred 12/2019

Amy was absolutely amazing with the sale of our house, we had her as our agent when selling our house and she went above and beyond with service and she got our house sold in 2 weeks which was awesome
Cody G. 01/2020

The 5 Necessities to buying a house

There are many things to think about and consider when buying a house. These are the 5 most important things to think about and get done Prior to looking at houses.

Get Your paperwork Ready

Before you talk with a lender it is smart to have all your documents ready to make the pre-qualification process quick and easy. You will want to be thinking about things like your W-2's, income verification, financial conditions, Credit scores and more. These are things you should be thinking about pulling out and putting in a file to stay organized.

Get Your Ducks in a Row

Get all the little details of your new house figured out. You should go over this with your Realtor: You needs (absolutely have to have), wants (really hope these are included but not a need) and desires (dream house aspects that you can see being added later). These will help narrow down the number of houses your Realtor makes you run too.

Select A Realtor

Having your agent pre-picked out saves you from getting a million calls different agents. Pick someone you click with and that you have a sense of trust and likemindedness this person is meant to be here to help you make the biggest purchase of your life. Make sure they are someone you want to have around throughout the whole thing.

Get pre-qualified

The worse feeling is finding the perfect house and thinking you can qualify for it but come to find out you cannot. Talk to a lender prior to finding the perfect home it will save you a world of emotions.

Figure out a budget

It is smart to pre think about what you can afford as a mortgage amount. This will also help the lenders determine what you may qualify for. Also, during this process start thinking about where your down payment money will come from and how to take care of the closing costs.

Now you are ready to start looking at houses that fit your needs, your budget and you are all set to make an offer once you find that perfect house.

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What makes me different

I know there are a lot of Realtors out there. Everyone you meet knows at least 1-2 Realtors and we are all more then qualified to help you find and purchase a house. If you read my biography you may have noticed I also have a degree in Interior Design. One of my favorite things to do is make peoples houses feel like their home and what they envisioned when they bought it. I pride myself on being able to listen to your needs and wants, but more importantly I listen to your desires. I want to help you find the house that you can turn into your desired home.

I know it sounds crazy to be able to help some one buy a house that they can change into the home of their dreams. Truly it is easy!! I figure out what people truly want as a “forever” home and I show them houses that could eventually have that huge playground in the backyard, or that chef style kitchen or even that man cave that your significant other doesn't want. When in the houses we are looking to buy I help you visualize the space with your desires in mind. Dreams can come true if you think they can so why not see it before you buy it.

The houses out here in Maricopa, AZ have so much potential and the neighborhoods are amazing. I can ay this without blinking as I have lived in Senita since 2010 and built my families lives here. Can you see you and your family living here? I can!

amy kopchynski

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