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Hello, I am Amethyst Kopchynski, I actually go by my nickname Amy I guess my dad called me Amy since the day I was born. Family is very important to me, especially my daughter, Tristen and husband, Cody, these two people mean everything to me. I truly feel like having family and friends close by is huge. Having family near you and even friends who feel like family makes life seem more enjoyable, well at least that is how I feel.

I absolutely love building friendships and making new ones. Sometimes accomplishing this can be hard and not always fun but once you can get some to open up to you and consider you a friend it changes you world. It is so fun learning new things about the people that surround you and I love listening to what people think, feel, like, hate everything I can know about some one helps me know how I can help them. I am a huge fan of helping people!! Being family oriented my entire life has molded me into the type of person who loves to volunteer to help family, friends with their kids, help out in the schools my daughter goes to, volunteer around the community, go to cardinals football games (we have season tickets) and so much more.

A lot of what I do is 100% centered around the activities my daughter does but what can I say she is fun to be around and so are her friends and the things she likes too do. Anyways, what I am trying to get at here is that I know buying/selling a house can be stressful, emotional, scary and even aggravating especially if you are doing it with someone you can't trust. Having someone who you feel like you know and trust makes the entire process so much more fun and buying/selling a house should be fun for you and technical for your agent.

Before we take any major leaps into the buying/selling a house I would love to sit down with you and have a cup of coffee(tea for me), a glass of wine or even for a snack and chat about you and your life. Like I said earlier I love to learn new things about the people around me. Since I live here in Maricopa, in Senita, I kind of know my way around the city. I actually know Maricopa very well. My husband and I have lived in our house since 2010, my parents live in the Villages and bought their house in 2005 or 2006, and my sister recently bought her own house out here also in the Villages in 2017. Cody and I chose to move to Maricopa for a couple reasons: my parents are here, I love how many Canadians buy second homes here (I was born in Canada) and the small town feel is something we searched for without moving up North. We like the small town feel because it is family friendly and feels safer, plus our daughter absolutely loves having so much family close by.

By knowing the area so well I can promise you are safe with me. I am a very honest, transparent and down to earth type of person. I care for my friends with all of my heart and I will not let you get screwed over. Having a daughter has pushed ,e tp strive to show her how to care full heartedly. I make it a point to always be apart of everything she does and I will do the same for you whether you are buying a house or selling a house you best interest will ALWAYS be my top priority.

So sorry for the long speech but I am very passionate about living in Maricopa and helping people find houses or sell their house for a new one. I hope you are excited and ready to find or sell a house. As a thank you for listening/reading my bio I would like to offer you my 30 day plan to get your house prepped to sell and my 5 tips to buying a house smoothly documents. I forgot to mention I have my Bachelor's of Arts Degree in Interior Design and offer all my family and friends free design services. If you are ready to make a new friend who happens to be in Real Estate I am the gal for you, lets grab a cup of coffee or that glass of wine and lets become friends.

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